We are very excited to welcome you to the RealArb team! We offer our program for many different online marketplaces and every marketplace requires something a little different. Below are the marketplace integration requirements for Walmart.com

Step 1 - Setting Up RealArb in your Walmart Store 

1.) Please follow the link


2.) Please choose Marketplace Seller Login for US

3.) Send the 2 credentials below to Support@RealArb.com 

       a.) Client ID:

       b.) Client secret:


Step 2 - Vacation Day Settings


At this time this is how Walmart has a seller set additional handling time. This will affect your entire inventory. Please follow the steps below.

1.) Log in to your Walmart sellers central 

2.) Please use the following link: https://seller.walmart.com/seller-profile/shipping-options

3.) Go down to the section titled "Additional Days Off"

4.) The "Additional Days Off" setting needed. Please click the next 6 business days on the calendar you see, making sure they turn blue

a. You will need to return to this section everyday and add the additional business day to ensure the setting is always set to the exact number of days required. 


Step 3 - Shipping Settings 

Below are the shipping settings we need implemented for Walmart selling. Please feel free to reach out with any questions.

1.) Go to the following page: https://seller.walmart.com/seller-fulfillment-settings/general-shipping

2.) Click edit template at the top right hand side of the page

3. Please turn on standard shipping set to 5 days for transit time

4.) Zero out all charges for shipping. We include the price of shipping into the price of the item for you.

5.) Turn off P.O box's

6.) Turn off 2 day shipping

7.) Turn off expedited shipping


Step 4 - Setting up autobuying 

At this time we require all clients who wish to source from amazon.com to be on our autobuying program. To learn more about how it benefits clients and how to set up autobuying please see the article provided below.

Autouying Program  


Step 5 - Provide us additional details 

We will also need your Walmart store front name and a link to the frontend of your Walmart Storefront. This will help us keep an eye on everything from every angle. Please email the two additional details to Support@RealArb.com

1.) Walmart Storefront name 

2.) Link to the frontend of your Walmart storefront (it is ok if you cannot find this, we can usually find you with just your storefront name)